Episode 6

Sexual Trauma and Labels with Special Guest Rebecca Senack

***Disclaimer, this is a heavy topic and we encourage anyone who needs it to reach out for support. Resources listed below.***

This week Jennie and Ryan sat down with Rebecca Senack. Rebecca is a 25 year old social work major and sexual trauma survivor who sat down to talk to us about her story as well as, the implications and impacts labels can have. 

Rebecca is a 25 year old Ottawa resident who currently is completing her bachelors of social work degree at Carleton University. She works for the public school board as an educational assistant and for the city of Ottawa in the inclusive recreation branch. She identifies herself as a sexual trauma survivor and feels passionate about sharing her story and helping others find their voice. 

Show Notes: 

If you have questions for Rebecca or the HALI team following this episode please send us an email at havealittleinsight@gmail.com

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre


24 Hour Crisis Line:  613-562-2333 

The Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa


24 Hour Confidential Support Available:  613-234-2266

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