Episode 8

Insights on Human Relating and Intimacy Well-Being with Tziporah Kingsbury

This week on Have A Little Insight I connected with Tziporah Kingsbury. We dove into the topics of human relating and the well-being of intimacy. Are you thinking about Sex when I say intimacy? No worries I was too but it goes well beyond on that and we dove right down the rabbit hole. 

A little bit more about Tziporah, a Somatic Intimacy Mentor, Relationship Educator, and Breathwork Trainer, has traveled the globe specializing in helping high achieving adults to feel safe, seen and confident to experience emotional connectivity and intimacy that uplevels both your personal and professional relationships.

Tziporah is passionate about helping others return home to their true north, to feel safe in their body and to be still enough to listen to what it needs. 

To learn more about Tziporah or any of the resources mentioned below you can find her the following ways: 

If you love the topics in our conversation today and want more join Tziporah and the growing community at Safe, Seen and Confident! go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/intimacyhub

Tziporah offers consultations and would love to get on the phone with you if you think this is something you can learn more from, go to : https://www.tziporahintimacy.com/contact/

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