Episode 17

Hangout with Jennie and Ryan

We never know where these episodes are going. Tune in and get turned on to the importance of spending time with yourself, F.O.M.O, perceived expectations and some really important things about pillows.

Show Notes: 

Where the pillow info came from - Habit and Hustle Podcast - Episode 2 with Dr. Breus - The Sleep Doctor




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Have a Little Insight with Jennie Leaver is a podcast about exploring topics that strive to deepen our human experience and our connection to ourselves and the people around us.

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Jennie Leaver

Jennie is a Designer with a 15-year background in hospitality. Passionate about making a difference in this world, she teamed up with Ryan in 2019 to create Have A Little Insight after the two met waiting tables at Milestones Bar and Grill.

“I want to contribute to the good in this world. There is enough bad news, negative slants on things and anger. I want to bring people a different perspective, where we strive to create understanding, compassion and kindness. Where we look for the good and how we are connected as opposed to operating from fear, judgement and separation.”